How to find Skinny Jeans – Wardrobe Remix Ep 2 – Style Sista

DO you want to find the perfect skinny jean? Join my sista Sarah and I for this episode of the Wardrobe remix as we hunt for the perfect skinny jean or pant as long as its SKINNY and fits great. Colourful, patterned, treated fabric or cords either way we are on the quest to find the perfect skinny jean/pant. So lets go!!

What’s you fave color or patterned skinny jean or pant?

In every era from like the 50′s we’ve always had a cut of pant that was the stereotype for the decade and right now it is definitely the skinny jean. They are a second skin to me and I wear a pair almost every day. It still blows me away that some women haven’t found that great pair to add to their wardrobe yet cause they are a complete basic for me and I have like 10 pairs in tons of colours and patterns. Its fun because you can go neutral on the top and have a burst of colour on the bottom. Steeze. The tough part is finding a perfect fit. So watch this video for some great tips on how to wear Skinny jeans and what to look for when you are buying a Skinny Jean or Pant.

Much love and rock steady.


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