I would love to work with you if you are Producing any TV, Media, Radio, Video or Webisodes where you could use my talent for chatting, interviewing or just being an all around fun and inviting Personality.  I am a strong interviewer and I can make any crowd feel comfortable so we can make the camera happy.  I can comment on literally almost anything to do with Fashion, Style, Art, Politics, The Earth, Going Green, Media, Freestyle Dancing, Clubs and the World of DJ’s and Musicians, Photography, Making Films and TV, Documentary’s, Soccer, Action Sports, Travel, Being a Mom, Parent, Entrepreneur, Diva, Sister, a Cool Girl, Music, Community, Friends, Hosting, and Fun.  I bring life to the party and I look good on camera so lets chat.

Mary Craig Olson Fashionista Sista Style Sista - rockin the country life