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Top 10 Fashion Tips for women that need the basics and those that just need some fashion inspiration! This is about teaching Wardrobe Essentials and Clothing Basics to those that need it. That’s my job as a Fashion Stylist after all. I will probably make another Top Ten Fashion Tips videos in the future because I have more than 10 of course but I had to stop somewhere!! Awesome. I’m stoked you came by and checked out my channel. Subscribe so I can get to know you in the YouTube world of video pirates. I love YouTube. Its a slow take over. just watch.

Number 1:
Always put a jewel on it. Not when you’re going to the gym obviously, but seriously you can always use a jewel even if its not sparkly. Just something that shows your personality and creates a vibe. It’s like the period at the end of a sentence. Its usually the thing you notice most about someone’s appearance. That detail is often left in your subconscious when you think about that person.

Clutch Jewels Vintage Rework Necklace Layered Bow

Number 2:
Get a bunch of tank tops for layering underneath everything. Layering clothing started being done way back from the 13th- through 15th-century Europeans when robes and dresses, corsets and underclothes were that norm. Its a smart way to build an outfit so your ready for anything. Tank tops in colours and with lace or fun detailing add so much to your outfit by giving it some depth and colour play.

Tank Tops Layered

Number 3:
When in doubt put a scarf on. You can wear them with everything and they just add a little mystery and extra layer for visual interest and personality.

Number 4:
Half of wearing a hat is how you style your hair to frame the face with the hat on. Style your hair and bangs a few different ways to see what works best.

Studded Baseball Cap, Katsumi Sweater from Winners

Number 5:
Jeans, Skinny Jeans, General Pants and Dress Pants.. buy them with a little bit of stretch in their fabric type. A bit of spandex goes a long way.

Number 6:
A tailored jacket or 3 is a must. You can always dress it up or down and you are good to go. You will always looked tucked in and tailored. Its ok to wear it with something more casual on the bottom like jeans or a skirt of course. Yes please! Try and get a solid coloured jacket but a printed one as well. Get a different pattern for each season. One for Spring and one for Fall. Same with colour options. Take notes!

lace tank with tailored jacket classy style

Number 7:
Sexy. Let one part of your outfit be sexy and the rest covered up. THat’s how you wear sexy so that there’s some mystery but serious allure. Keeps it fresh and keeps it classy.

how to wear sexy

Number 8:
Long sleeve button up shirt. Take the sleeves roll them up and/or alternately or at the same time button it up to the top and wear a statement piece necklace and layer it over top of the buttons, just under the collar.


Number 9:
Write a list of all the things that you realize you need in your wardrobe so you know what you need to fill the fashion holes in your closet. Its hard when your at the mall or shopping where ever to keep a focus when there’s so much out there staring you in the face. Fill those style holes in your closet as well as accessory, jewellery and shoe holes!! Don’t forget to give a bit of the budget to accessories. They go further usually in your wardrobe anyways. Great investment.

Number 10:
Find accessories in popping colours if you want to bring more colour into your life aka wardrobe. Let that be the pop of your outfit and you’ll make your day that much more fun everyday. People notice that too and more than likely you will get compliments on it!! It’s way less intimidating to wear a colourful accessory or jewel because you don’t have to wear it across your body like a top or a pair of pants. Trust me you will love your colour! Just buy those cool red or blue shoes or purse already!

pop of color in your outfit


Awesome. I’m stoked you came by and checked out my channel. Leave a comment so I can get to know you in the world of video pirates. I love it in the land of YouTube, how about you?

What’s your best Fashion Tip that you swear by?

Much love.

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