The Passion Foundation

This is what happens when a great organization like the Passion Foundation and a cool Jewellery Designer like Mary from Clutch Jewels get together on a project.  It’s a Win Win situation when purchasing one of these fun lil’ Pewter and faceted Rose Quartz Necklaces because not only are you supporting a great Cause but you also get to walk away with a cool new Jewel for an outstanding price of $19.99!

They come in 3 lengths 14″ 16″ and 30″ for those that love to rock a long necklace like Mary does! ; )  Rose Quartz is the Love or Heart Gemstone so its quite fitting for young women as we’re all heart!!

The Passion Foundation is a registered Canadian charity providing innovative social development and literacy enhancement programming for girls and young women 11-24 years of age.

“Helping all girls reflect, connect, and succeed”

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