The Cinderella Project 2013 Vancouver High School Grads and Clutch Jewels is a Champion for the The Cinderella Project because it’s a project after my own heart. Its all about deserving underprivileged High School Grads that are defying the odds stacked against them yet they are graduating High School.

Most of them don’t have too many options as far as putting a prom outfit together for their schools big night so that’s where we come in and the Cinderella Project begins. Using donations of new or lightly used dresses and suits, jewellery, ties, hats, purses, makeup and hair products each grad goes through the process of choosing the perfect grad outfit so that they can feel just as important amongst their peers and enjoy a fun evening of celebration just like any other High School student would. Each of these students chosen to participate in this program has been nominated by their teacher, counselor, or youth worker and has gone through a deep reviewing process to be accepted into the project so they are found well deserving. They also had to have worked hard and shown that.

I’ve been a long time donor to the Cinderella Project in Vancouver on behalf of my jewellery label but for the last 5 years at least I’ve been a Fashion Stylist/Consultant for the grads and each year I’ve tried to document what goes on at this project on Boutique Day and all the prep before hand. I think I was able to capture many facets of this huge team so you can get a taste for what it takes to pull something like this off. Everyone involved in this project falls in love with the project because you can’t help but be effected by what you see. The glowing hearts, the dignity, sense of accomplishment, growth, love, sweetness and charming attitudes and personal reward from everyone involved. Let me know what you think and please SUbSCRIBe!! Thanks.


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