The Art Of Graffiti – Vancouver Graffiti Artists

Check out the Art Of Graffiti my best Fashionista Sista Webisode yet, as I interview a cool teenage Graffiti Artist at the New West Skatepark where I was Skateboarding with my kids one day. CaskOne shows me around the park and gives me a run down on many of the amazing Graffiti Artists that are represented there and there are MANY! A little Graffiti Education if you will. I’ve also included some of my best Graffiti photos that I’ve taken throughout Vancouver and Victoria the last few years that will blow your mind. For reals.

Remember that I was teaching my kid how to sk8board that day so I’m not wearing any makeup so don’t judge me to fiercely! This kid and I just got talking and I knew, makeup or not, that I just had to interview him so I went for it. I think it turned out RAD! Thanks for watching gorgeous. Let me know what cha think. Mwah!

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  2. Style Sista

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