Style Sista Goes to San Francisco! Style Sista TV

Come on my San Fransisco TRip by checking out my photo montage for Style Sista TV Tyler and I went on quite the adventure hiking up the famous San Fransisco hills, , Haight and Ashbury Neighborhood, walking the seaside boardwalks, taking in the Farmer’s Market on the Wharf, all the brilliant old school architecture all over the city and just hanging out where ever we felt our whims taking us.

We did kind of drink ourselves around town. We walked, went to a pub, walked off the beer, then went for eats, then walked up some hills, took photos, stopped at a pub for another beer and to catch some local scenery, shopped, walked, ate and drank some more and then we even went dancing. Home, sleep, eat, drink, repeat!

Top Favorite Places in San Fran:

1. One of out fave spots ever was called Smugglers Cove a sneaky little Tiii Bar that locals like to come to in San Fran. Look it up. You’ll be stoked.

2. Tonga Room. Ok its another Tiki Bar but its in a Hotel and it would have been our number 1 fave spot but the Tonga Room is a little more touristy where as Smugglers Cove is full of locals which kind of makes it a little more authentic.

3. The Monarch. Dang it busted. Yet another bar (are you feeling a theme here?) but this was so much fun cause we played a game with the bar called Crimes Against Humanity and it was super Funny!! THey had a cool vibe and the DJ’s were great. Super funky and we danced for hours.

San Fran just has a laid back, but still city vibe. I didn’t feel like it was too hectic even though it was a big city. I think the TRolley Cars helped me feel that way. Anytime you can hang off the side of a Trolley as you cruise down busy city streets, somehow it just doesn’t seem as busy anymore. All you can do is enjoy the moment.

I’d go back to San Francisco in a minute. My kind of place. By the water, Eclectic, Tech Savvy, and lots of fab places to shop and drink. Speaking of drinking, I need a Tiki Bar Cocktail stat! Be sure to send a drink or at least a photo of you and your drink to me if you make it to smugglers cove. With your photo @StyleSistaMary on Instagram. Find and Fan me!

Much love.


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