Street Style Seven Episode11 – Rocker, Hipster, Hip Hop, Glam

Hipsters, Rockers, Hip Hop Heads, a Glamourous Actress, and just some fabulous looking people with wicked style. Check out all 7 of these cool peoples photos below. This episode of the Street Style Seven interviews a Famous Internet Model Miss Chelsey Mac (757K followers on Facebook), a Rockstar named Parker from the Gay 90′s Band, and the Owner and Designer of Vancouver Originals Clothing Brand and Dipt Clothing Vancouver’s original Hip Hop Boutique to name a few! Every episode I find 7 cool men and women on the street to photograph and interview them about their personal style to try to get the essence of who they are and what they represent.

It’s my mission to showcase the day to day street style coming from Vancouver and my travels where ever I go. I love to encourage that expression from those I meet so that we can appreciate the vision from each one of these lovely people that I shoot.

Miss Chelsey Mac Watts

1. First up Miss Chelsey Mac a pipeliner by day and a model internet sensation at night. Look her up on Facebook with her 758K zillions of fans.

Miss Chelsey Mac

Miss Chelsey Mac Watts

Cool Tattoo on Miss Chelsey Mac

Studded Black Boots

Miss Chelsey Mac Tattoo

2. The Man himself Mr. Martini Owner of Dipt Clothing Boutique  and Vancouver Originals Clothing Brand

Dipt Clothing, Van City Originals

Vancouver Originals Brand

Dipt Clothing Vancouver

Vancouver Originals Clothing

Vancouver Originals Clothing

3. Lead Singer of the Gay 90′s Band Parker Bossley shows his feminine side charming and cool. Some of his fashion inspiration comes from old school rockers like Mick Jagger. Parkers got a feminine rocker swag reminiscent of what Mick Jagger rocked out on stage back in the day.  See for yourself.

parker bossley, gay 90s,

gay 90's lead singer parkerPhoto above from Facebook Page

parker bossley, gay 90s,

He’s man enough to show his feminine side and rock his girlfriend’s cameo because he thought it looked great on him. Love it.

parker bossley, gay 90s, cameo

mens leopard print shoes

4. Emily. Speaking of Parker’s leopard print shoes as seen above here’s Emily rockin her leopard print coat.  In many peoples wardrobes including my own leopard print is a neutral. wink. but really it is..

 Hipster Girl, Leopard Print Coat,

Marc by Marc Jacobs Purse

Gorgeous Girl, Hipster, Beautiful Red Lips,


5. Pam – The gorgeous androgynous styled coat, gloves and Ditta’s Glasses with a great pair of black leather sneakers Chuck Taylor-esque. Clean lines and yet so interesting. Love her style.

Androgynous Coat Women

Androgynous Coat Women

Androgynous Woman, Ditta Glasses

Black Leather HighTop Sneakers

6. The glamourous actress Johanna found at a Vancouver Fashion Week Fashion Show Event.  Sequins sparkle, shiny heels, her dazzling smile and her 70′s inspired fashion spirit. Can you say Halston model?

Johanna Newmarch Actress, Glamour, Chic

Leather Purse, Bling Ring, Sequins

Johanna Newmarch Actress, Glamour, Chic

 Glamourous Actress,

Shiny Silver High Heels

7. David the DJ, EDM, Dance, House Music Producer  or anything with a kick drum that goes boom boom boom. Makes me want to get on the dancefloor and shake it off.  Love David’s girlfriends advice on standing out from the rest of the DJ’s out there by hitting a high end note by dressing up. Dig the faux fur scarf cozy and shiny pants.  Dig it David.

Pimpin Vancouver DJ Style

Jesus Gold Necklace

Hip Hop Head High End Style

Patent Leather Men's Shoes

Pimp Style

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