Street Style Seven Episode 6 – Cool Fashion Out On The Town

Another cool episode of Street Style Seven Ep: 6. This episode is all about street style fashion out on the town. I shot a few of my favorite street style outfit photos for this episode because I had interesting backgrounds like the shop windows I shot in Vancouver’s historic Gastown and downtown with the brick and neon backgrounds. Tres cool.

I like shooting eclectic but style heavy outfits that stand out and I try hard to take good enough photos so you can see that clearly. Sometimes the texture of the fabrics doesn’t resonate through the photo but I am telling you these outfits are mint. Fresh but cool and very much designer this time because most of these people put a bit of dough into a few of their clothing pieces they are wearing here.

Do note sometimes if you have a little bit of creativity you can DIY a cool piece like the fur cowl scarf Allie made herself and look how rad it looks with her outfit. Sure stepped it up a few notches for sure. I mean what are you going to do with old fur in good condition if its not something you would wear? DIY it into something you would wear and don’t let that animal die in vain especially if its already dead! That’s why I don’t mind wearing Vintage Fur. Or just rock faux fur like Christie does in this video!

Street style is what I love about fashion. Too me its not what labels you are wearing its all about wearing the high and the low together and mixing it up and making it into fashion magic. Street Style.

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Much love brothas and sistas.


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Street Style Rock Chick Outfit

Beatnick Inspired Mod Guy Street Style Outfit Photo

Geek Chic Rock Hipster Girl Street Style

Glamazon Sparkle Diva Mini Dress Party Girl Street Style

Urban Gangster Eclectic Raver Girl Street Style

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