Street Style Seven Episode 10 – Sci-fi, Victorian, 80′s, 90′s, Men & Women’s Fashion

Click Like if you love Street Style! Welcome to another episode of the Street Style Seven Episode 10!! This is an anniversary special for my channel Style Sista TV!! What what? We made it to episode 10 of the Street Style Seven!! Sweet.

We’ve got 7 cool eclectic people wearing their best day to day outfits for you to check out. THis is how they represent. I honestly love each one of these people for daring to show who they are on the regular. Everything from Sci-Fi inspired, Victorian Vintage with a modern twist, 80′s, 90′s, Hip Hop inspired outfits, flirty dresses and both Men & Women’s Fashion so this episode is a ton of fun. The best part is I like to get as many nationalities as I can represented in these shows and look what I threw down. A really cool mix of style driven multiculturalism. Right on.

On a YouTube Creators note: I’m so proud of the original content I’ve created over the years but the Street Style Seven is my best show ever. I feel like I have a bright future in Producing innovative content that’s worth watching so stay tuned because there’s more exciting stylish new content coming soon right here on Style Sista TV. I’m finally getting my digital groove. So stoked you riding with me on this journey.

Over the summer I bought a house and have a huge studio now so needless to say I am feeling good. My husband built me a sexy new backdrop for my new studio to celebrate the 10th Episode of the Street Style Seven so this is a huge shout out to him to say thank you babe! Yay!

7 wicked people (men and women) representing their own personal style in 7 different ways. My Best episode yet! Here we go.

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Much love.


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