Street Style Seven BEST OF Ep8 – Rockers, Retro, Military, Hip Hop, Hipster, Boho

Thumbs up for fresh Street Style!! I heart Street Style and that’s why I started my BLOG many years ago. I love to take photos of all types of fashionable characters. Most of all I just like to see peoples style swag no matter what they’re into as long as its fresh and innovative and truly show’s their personality.

That’s the coolest thing to me because I feel that same spirit is where my style sense fits in. I’m a free spirit and I like that there are many spirits out there shouting their personality through their personal style! That’s what I like to capture on camera.

I don’t want a band of minions. That’s generic and makes me cringe a little.. (although the minions in Despicable Me are pretty cute!) However I love being of an eclectic mind. We are reflections of our surroundings, upbringing and who we want to be so be free to be.. Good enough for me.

So thanks for watching the Best Of – Street Style Seven Ep 8. 2013 was a great year for fashion, but more importantly street style and the photos speak volumes about that. Can’t wait to see what 2014 holds. Already its I’ve taken some great new photos from some diverse people I’ve seen around town but I’m going to San Fransisco this weekend for Valentines Day with my husband so I’m hoping to have a whole bunch on new photos for you to see so stay tuned!

Thanks for subbing, liking, commenting and being rad. For real brothas n sistas.




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