Shopping Victoria Style

I’ve been over to da Island many times in my life specifically Victoria, capitol city of British Columbia, Canada, and its always a charming and historic visit, but I’ve always found shopping round town to be a little lack luster until the last time I was in Vic a few weeks ago.  Check out some of the fabulous boutique highlights I spied.

Rebel Rebel is the first shop I must recommend.  They carry many cool brands for men and ladies, but my fav garment of this fresh boutiques is this fuchsia and black dress by Plastic Island.  First of all I love colour, so when I spy shades of purple or fuchsia amongst the black, white & gray I’m like a moth to a flame.  You could easily rock this dress paired with some patterned tights, biker boots, a knit wrap sweater and of course a big ol pair of mixed metal chain earrings for a foxy Fall look.  Layer it up!

Addiction is the next shop on my list.  A bit higher of a price point, but they carry some innovative boutique labels def worth a look.  My fav garment of this shop is this gorgeous Anna Sui party dress ready for a fabulous evening out.  If I wasn’t almost 8 months pregnant I would have rocked this dress out in a heartbeat for New Years.  In a heartbeat!!!

This is me cuddling my kid Judah in front of my new fav Cheap & Chic shop called Flavour.  After you’ve spent a bit of money at the other stores its a great boutique to swing by to pick up a sweet lil dress, jacket or top for around $35!!  The reason I came down to this street in the first place was because I asked a girl at a coffee shop where she bought her top from and she told me about Flavour downtown so I hopped in the car and found it to my delight.

Ahhhh sunglasses.  Yet another addiction of mine.  Accessories in general but a great new pair of shades are always welcome.

Victoria is one of the oldest cities in Canada and its very evident when you look around because many of the buildings have a ton of old details on them like crown moldings heritage style.  This is what pulled me into this little hallway of boutiques… pure charm.

Devlish Damzels is a quaint little shop in this heritage hallway with an easy price point.  Its coming up to the festive season especially as we hit Christmas Parties & New Years Eve so I figured I would highlight some party dresses.  I LOVE this asymmetrical colourful leopard print dress with the statement gunmetal necklace.

Jewels make me drool..

Last, but not least I came across this chill sneaker shop called Baggins full and I mean big time FULL of Converse Sneakers.  Every Converse sneaker pimps dream.  The Jimi Hendrix Converse Shoe in Navy Blue with Gold Brocade and Buttons is easily my fav.  If I wore Cons these days I would wear those ones without a doubt.  Go Sargent Pepper!!

So this is just one highlight of Victoria I thought I’d share with you, but there are many more that I’ll share with you eventually.  The cool thing about Vic is that its an old meets new scenerio.  My classy English Grandmother lives there and enjoys all the classic Teashops, Art Galleries and Museums as she is a retired world class weaver so she knows the older art scene set in depth, but then I also know a ton of young families and cool kids that rock around town in all the stylie new clubs and coffee shops so its for everyone.

Obviously the dreaded Recession has played a part in the birth and death of some of the local boutiques around the city but it seems like Johnson Street in particular has the most eclectic fashion vibe happening these days, that’s well worth an afternoon stroll.  Mwah!!

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