Real Hipsters of Vancouver Audition Video – Mary Craig Olson Style Sista

What is s a Hipster? I don’t know exactly but if your looking for cool, I’ve got all sorts of cool things going on these days so maybe I am right for your show the Real Hipsters of Vancouver cause I am a super Vancouver Local girl for sure. I’m always hustling my Indy label Clutch Jewels and my Fashion & Culture YouTube Channel amongst other things. I’ve got a cool crew in Vancouver that I hang out with in all sorts of fresh spots around town that are my locals as well as all the Fashion & Art Markets that I show my label Clutch Jewels at on Main St, Commercial Drive and Downtown Vancouver. So am I a Real Hipster of Vancouver? I don’t know but I do my thing and that’s what makes me walk this way.. (lil Aerosmith soundbite for ya) with a little swag in my step. From time to time I’m a starving artist but I’m a hustler so I’ll always find a way to make it happen and have a fun time along the way.

Thanks for watching. Please check out some of my Style Sista Videos, Like and Subscribe to a gal with a cool vision.. um ya that’s me so sub now brothas n sistas! Check out any of my Style Wars or Street Style Seven vids cause they are some of my best work. I have to keep believing if I build it they will come! Show enough true swag and they will find me or at least the $$$$!!!

Much love and rock steady.

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