Orange Is The New Black: Pre Release Media Review

Netflix Orange Is The New Black Season 3 Review

#OITNB Season 3 is upon us.

Season 3 of #OrangeIsTheNewBlack kicks off with a lot of laughs from the the whole gang of usual suspects within minutes of the opening scenes.  The clever jokes and metaphors showcase the brilliant writing and make the show so much fun to watch, but its the little ‘reality slices’ they seem to include in every episode that force you see the real world of life in prison so you remember that its not a comedy, its jail baby.  Not so fun trapped behind bars, unless its while you watch the Orange Is The New Black characters on screen behind them!

Watching the opening sequence of all the raw close up face shots, all ages, some with makeup, some without, some rough around the edges, some not, but it always helps us get into the mood and sets the tone for the wide range of characters that we get to know a little bit more with every new episode. Some women must love to wear makeup in jail, because it makes them feel they still have some control over their lives and those that don’t wear makeup give you the real #NoFilter raw look that we imagine is the name of the game day after day for most. I mean you’d think, who do the want to impress in jail?  Unless its like a boredom monotony fighting strategy and or straight up rebellion against all the freedoms that have been taken away from the inmates during their incarcerations. On the other hand there is still attraction that can unfold over time between humans when forced into a space for days on end within the inmates and even the guards and inmates themselves as we see happen with the tragic “Daya” Diaz inmate and John Bennett the compassionate guard. Anything can happen on OITNB and its does.

OITNB Characters

OITNB is more crass than most scripts, but that’s what you get with jail life.  Unexpectedly you become charmed by the characters and can’t help but start to root for many of them when you see how broken they are as their back stories start to unravel.  In one scene you see the inmates mixing it up with their families and loved ones for mothers day and the focus is on the kids and having fun. The reality is that compared to the children some of the inmates are more childlike than the kids themselves as you can see by Cindy who has the Minnie Mouse Hair as she sucks on her heart shaped sucker and testily scoots kids away from the game she’s in charge of.  Immaturity probably led them into crime in the first place and that behavior never had a chance to be corrected or guided into maturity in jail.

When the kids at the mother’s day party hit the pinata and it finally breaks, but no candies come pouring out Brooke’s brilliant line, “This is such a metaphor for their lives,” paints the perfect picture to illustrate the lives of the kids that have to live without their moms. Its more introspective lines like Brooke’s that are so indicative of the tone of the show and then all the comedy from the character’s like Cindy, “Pits, tits and naughty bits.” that keep us coming back for more. Ohhhh that one had us giggling for a while that’s for sure.

So I hope you enjoy the new season of #OITNB despite it being so rough around the edges and in your face as per usual.  I thought it was a pretty juicy season kick off.  I just hope I don’t come up with ideas like shoving a gun in my kids face just to get them to eat his cold french fries because I watched the show!! Never a good idea.

Much love.


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