New Year Career Change Vlog Motivation

New Year Career Change Vlog Motivation

Are you wanting change in your career life? Or a second income but can’t think of what to do that wouldn’t suck the soul out of you? Last year I felt like I was stuck working in my own never ending status quo, but I’ve made a big career change over the last 6 months and I’m happier than ever. You can too! Ask yourself the questions I talk about and think humble thoughts, but also remember your swagger because you need both going into the interviews!! Watch my video here.

Ask yourself obvious things like:

What do I want to spend my time doing?
What qualities of mine are marketable?
What is needed in this world?
What am I best at?
What shows me at my excellence and showcases my skill set?

You have to listen to what people are telling you about yourself and listen for the themes. Even the things you brush off as obvious or not that important because chances are they are important and you just never thought of them as marketable or an area of your personal expertise like I didn’t.. until I finally had my ‘ah ha’ moment!

Own your qualities and turn them on their head if you have to and use them as your strengths rather than just obvious things you are that aren’t mentionable. Own it baby.

The New Year is a time for change and with that came a big change in my life that I forced upon my life. I search out what I was interested in. I walked into a ton of places I thought about working at and looked around like a private investigator. In fact while I was investigating at one work place I was offered a security management job because he could see I was very good at observation. Funny thing is I shut him down and said thank you but no I was looking for something more in Guest Services and working with people in the entertainment world but I want you to know I did think about Security after I left because it was something I hadn’t thought about before but I know after much thought that I would be good at it!! So that was yet another area I opened up to career wise because of my career exploration reconnaissance.

I’m so excited about my future because I’m not stuck in my status quo. I did the leg work and looked around not just online I actually pounded the pavement even more than walked around online. If you want to make a career change, this could be the inspiration you need and it might even give you some good ideas about how to jump on your career search so watch the video already!! I had so many people ask me about the big changes in my life so I figured I would share with you how I tackled finding myself a new career path that so far I love. Good luck!! Let’s do this 2016. Time’s a changing right about now..

Thumbs up for fresh starts so like this video please!!

Much love and inspiration..


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