My Favourite Belt Du Jour!

This lil company is the maker of my favourite belt to date so i just had to spread the word.  Check out this cool Designer Duo Lara & Tora from Buckles and Beads in Calgary and their huge array of Belts made to make your fav pair of Jeans look fresh all the time.  They have all sorts of cool buckle shapes and almost every one is one of a kind.  They also offer a huge selection of leather belts in everything typical and then a bunch that aren’t.  I especially love their destressed white ones and studded styles.  I even bought a cool little army web and leather style belt for my little 4 year old Judahbug with a kiddie inspired Star Wars Buckle that my son treasures!!  He almost likes staring at it more than wearing it!  Wrap one around your hips or buy a gift for a friend that they will LOVE!! Simple style idea for you.  Dig it.

<3 Mary.

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