Madonna, Nicki Minaj and JLo Hot Mess at Billboard Music Awards?

At first as I watched the Billboard Music Awards last night I thought that it was one of the cooler awards shows. Then suddenly it took a completely cheesy turn. I’m all for putting on a show cause I love a good spectacle, but I think how the recent Ladies of Pop Music are trying so hard to be sexy, edgy and different, its just getting too predictable and more cheesy. They all end up wearing the same outfits on stage anyways just like every other modern Pop Diva these days. Read on for more trashy juice and photos at this years Billboard Awards.

Jennifer Lopez JLo Billboard Music Awards
jlo billboard awards performance

I mean JLo was seriously chez as in (cheese to the eeze) dancing around performing in her red feather arm sleeves and her ultra high cut red shiny almost thong bodysuit. I do like JLo overall and think she has an ace body but I have to call it the way I see it. I know she’s a Latina and that she’s probably channeling some of that in this outfit, but this one was a hot mess. Look at this crotch shot of her! All she needed was a devil horned headband to finish that outfit off and she would be ready for Halloween or a fetish party, but hold on I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me tell you about some of the other Queens of Pop that showed up and what they wore and did.
Madonna Billboard Music Awards

So they gave Madonna the Top Touring Artist of The Year Award so Madonna goes up and receives it in a typical Madonna outfit of a leather bodysuit and fishnets, but then they cut to a montage of her MDNA tour footage of her showing her ass to all her concert goers as if they’re worshiping it. It being her ass! Then she joked, “It took longer to negotiate whether I could show my ass in that trailer than it took to negotiate that tour!” Still, even though she was joking, I just felt it was extremely narcissistic. What I will give Madonna is first of all she’s still got all sorts of ‘hot’ going for her and when she called her sunglasses ‘pretentious’ while she pulled them off I thought that was cool cause they were pretentious.
Nicki Minaj Billboard Music Awards

Then to top it all off Nicki Minaj comes on to perform and I love a good ol fashionable baseball hat with sneakers so i actually liked Nicki’s outfit. (Her studded crop jacket was killer cool that I want so BAD!!) Her outfit showed off her hip hop roots and when she threw down on the mic and showed us why she’s been hailed as such a wicked rapper she won me over yet again. The problem I had was when she gave Lil Wayne a lap dance on stage she had some stripper dance moves that were dripping with cheese. Like when she bent over for an ass shot and put her fingers on her crotch and waved her fingers around in a titillating way. Then she ended off in a final pose showing off her ass and again, the cheese factor was off the charts. Those moves belong in a strip club straight up. On stage for young people to see and even myself it was a total turnoff. Should have just stuck to your rapping sister. It was seriously cool.

So check out this video of Nicki Minaj’s performance and see for yourself was it Hot or a Hot Mess? I just feel like these sexual theatrics come off a bit desperate and trashy. You don’t see the guys prancing around showing their bulges off and everything they’ve got because most of them just come off sexy being who they are rocking out their hopefully unique personal style.

We are already an oversexed nation and are somewhat immune to it, but I just couldn’t turn my head this time. I’m gearing my blog to inspire young girls, women and people in general these days so I have to tell it like it is. I laugh at this constant competition for the sexiest/trashy pop star because its rampant lately. Just look at the line up of female pop singers at any awards show to see what I mean.

Queens and Princesses of Pop Uniform: Bodysuit, sky high boots or heels, nylons or fishnets and major sex vibing from their bodies as they gyrate across the stage with typical crotch shots. So tired. Make your music cool and we’ll listen and watch you on stage cause your fresh. That’s way cooler.

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