Macklemore’s Refreshing Personal Style

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macklemore on the mic rapping

Fresh, cool, suave, retro, innovative, eclectic, passionate, sexy as all heck, slick, hipster, fabulous, edgy, gangster, chill, HOT!!! That is how I breakdown Macklemore’s Fashion Style on the world scene these days. I am absolutely in LOVE with Macklemore these days, not only for his Music and how he throws down tricky lipped raps on the mic, but also because he’s innovating and just letting his cool ecelectic fashion sense feel what it wants to feel and still he stays looking incredibly sexy. You can’t help but want to dress like him or at least get your man to dress more like him! Maybe not wearing his fringe shoulder tassel jackets (which I love and say heck ya wear those bad boys out on the town) but at least in general rock some fresh and fun hipsterness.. but he’s so much cooler than just hipster fashion. Its that whole other level thing he’s got going on. I mean any man that can rock Vintage Fur (as seen below) like he does has got some cajones and I know I’m not alone saying that I think its gnarly and super rad. Right?

macklemore & ryan lewis

Between the shot above of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis his partner in music crime and hip hop goodness, I am kind of in Men’s Fashion Heaven. It doesn’t take much with guys style, but its all in the details. A clean outfit silhouette can be the sexiest thing to wear for a guy due to its simplicity, but I think having a cool pop of personality like a boss jacket like Ryan Lewis’ or coat to kick it up a notch is a great way to go. A cool hat or serious sneakers or boots can ‘bring it’ as well. Just collect a few personality items of clothing like Macklemore’s red fringe shouldered jacket below to add to your boy beater tank, tee and skinny jeans etc, that can help foster a more eclectically cool way of dressing.

macklemore red jacket cool style

macklemore handsome closeup

Seeing how Macklemore slicks his bangs back makes my heart race a little. HOT. I want my man to get a haircut like his. No doubt. Its clean cut and slick but edgy. So sexy straight up. Yep as you can see I’ve got a big old crush on this guy. It’s refreshing though because I haven’t had a Rockstar crush forever because there’s been no one that really rocked my world as they say, or that had that break through fashion style that I crave and felt was some what a match to mine.

macklemore hipster glasses

When Macklemore dresses down and grabs a fedora or his geek chic glasses he has such a suave chill like manner.  All it takes is an accessory or two to bring the flavour and he nails it. I truly wish more men could dress this way. Walks the line of urban, chill, suave that he walks. You can see his character written all over him. Love it. Is that a snakeskin around his neck?

macklemore cool mens fashion style

Come on, any man that can wear head to toe Vintage Fur like this and do it with such swag deserves a Gold Medal in the Style Olympics. Rock on with your bad self Macklemore, for I am a true fan of your swag my dear. Like I said its truly refreshing to watch your style develop and how you keep thrift shopping so GQ. wink.

macklemore_keatley photography

Macklemore Thrift Shop Video Photo

This blue suit is pretty much the hottest suit I’ve ever seen on a guy. With that black leather tank underneath it is so ill, its healthy. The cut is so clean and the colour so poppin. Its crazytown cool. You wish you could wear a suit like that. Love the kicks too.. Obviously.


The photo below is such a killah outfit combo. A Hawaiian inspired printed shirt worn with a fur collar just for fun is ridiculously effortlessly cool and again his sharp edge haircut is slickity slick. Its that he swags it out so much with his unique personality and that makes him stand out from the pack of hustler rappers. Nobody else is doing it like him right now so you can’t help but watch him and most importantly bounce to his music. He’s on his own personal style path right now and all of us are simply watching him come to life before our eyes. Fun.

macklemore fur fashion style

Come on! This photo is beyond sexy. He’s like the James Dean of our time in this photo below, but handsomer in my eyes because he looks like a dude too. One that you want to hang out at a party and dance with for hours, not just a pretty face. You know, I mean? (Said with English accent. wink.)

MACKLEMORE Cool Sunglasses Personal Fashion Style

When I see the honesty in this shot below it screams silently to me to pay attention. I love it. Clean and real to the core. I mean don’t get me wrong he flails and makes bad calls from time to time I can assure you I know this as with us all.. however anyone that can be like yo..and look down the lens of a camera like this with eyes like that, seems like a pretty cool kat to me. Ya dig. I know you feel me.

macklemore handsome face closeup

macklemore macklemore album cover

Again with this photo below.. I know.. but this is the larger one so it must be done! Its completely out of control how this guys facial hair is so dang kissably perfect and his classic 50′s shades are so smooth they sing like Barry White. Ha ha. That one makes me laugh out loud!! Yep i laugh at my own jokes. Well someone has to or wouldn’t I be lame. don’t say it!! Whew thanks that wasn’t a cue!..


THis is the last Mack photo of the bunch and for some reason its just the right amount of fresh and he’s doing a shout out to his home town Seattle with his jersey tank. I love a guy that has that much style presence, that when wearing such simple garments like these they pack such a punch in emoting who he is. SO fr%#king Rad. This Celebrity Style Blog is to showcase his smashingly brilliant face to the style scene and why he’s groundbreaking in his fashion sense.

Who’s your fave celebrity style? Who’s your rockstar or moviestar crush? Always such important questions. ha ha. but still fun to answer!

I wish you endless years of fashion innovation, reinvention and fun while I stand there agape as I listen to Macklemore pound off lyrics with such deep clarity that I’m silenced by it all. I’m truly excited to see what comes next for this kat. So much love and respect you guys and of course.. Macklemore. Let me interview you one day!

Call me! ha ha.




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