Macklemore Dance Off :Freestyle Dance Ep2

Macklemore Dance Off Freestyle Hip Hop Dance Session in Vancouver featuring Style Sista Mary. I’ve been dancing freestyle hip hop and house steps since I was 15 finding my own style as I danced for countless hours away in the clubs, raves and after parties. Macklemore is easily one of my favourite artists right now, so this is my video dance audition for his new song/video/hit Dance Off and it’s also for me so I finally have a record of some of my best dance moves because for all these years I’ve been dancing I’ve never had an video evidence of it.. until now.. stoked.

Hip hop dancer, freestyle dance

I went to the audition in Vancouver and did the freestyle audition and killed it so I got a Call Back. Yay! What I don’t do is choreo very well. Ha ha. I didn’t go to dance school as a kid because there was no money for me to take class. There was 5 kids to feed and I was a twin so there was even less money for us for extra activities. The other thing is there was no such thing as Hip Hop Dance Classes out there yet. It was still traditional Jazz and Ballet that were the thing to do. However, I got both my kids into dance and I’m around the dance community a lot these days and my kids and I have been loving it. They can do choreo way better then I can!! My body rebels against an 8 count and just wants to freestyle when I hear beats I like. It’s years of freestyling that makes me bad at following an 8 count. Still I stepped up and started to figure choreo out, but I just realize my specialty is freestyle for sure at the moment. I love to explore creativity bravely so I will tap into choreo again one day.

This video shows some of my freestyle hip hop skills. I have way more steps that you will see in my other Midnight Dance Session episodes so stay tuned. My Daya – Hideaway video is hot so check it out. Dance Off is a way more guy Hip Hop sound so I threw down more masculine, heavy, grounded dance steps for this song.

If it’s got a beat I can dance to it. If it’s got funk, hip hop, dance hall, soul or a fresh new sound I will bounce to it and find a swag in there somewhere.

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Much love.

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