Jewels that own a part of my Heart.

Look at this smashing group of Jewels!!  I mean really, it barely takes a moment and suddenly you start thinking about all the ways you can gather some money together to pay for one of these shiny gems.  I can’t help it, I’m drawn to Fabulous.  To be honest small Gemstones don’t really interest me that much unless they have a large surface like a wide pool that you can peer into like my personal collection of rings.  This group of Jewels below is my personal dream collection of Jewels.

Statement Jewelry - Jewels that own a part of my Heart

Even if it’s a diamond, if its too small with barely a twinkle I’m out, however as I said before, a wide flat pool of a diamond, stone or even crystal can make my mouth water.  It doesn’t have to be a deep cut stone, just wide enough to peer into to see the pretty facets of the Stone.  Diamonds are a girls best friend though so maybe I have a bit to learn, however as it stands I love a big stone. Either Diamond, Ruby, Gemstone, Crystal, Cubic Zirconia, or sometimes just a great metal Jewel is cool its just about putting together a gorgeous personal ‘Jewelry Wardrobe’ that you can count on to keep you looking fresh and fabulous from season to season.  It doesn’t have to break the bank either to be a pretty jewel just look for quality and buy some of the high end if you can and some of the low end and you’ll be happy with an eclectic and fabulous ‘Jewellery Wardrobe’.  For a Jewel of a deal click on 8. Fossil Multicolored Bead Chocolate Leather Double Row Necklace because its on sale for $49US!!

Handmade Jewelry Crystal, Gemstone, Mixed Metal, Dyana Bracelets, Clutch Jewels

Invest in a Statement Jewel like this sensational Clutch Jewel Dyana Bracelet this season.  You know it will be a solid investment because Statement Jewels have been a wardrobe ‘must have’ for the past 3 seasons at least!!  They aren’t going anywhere.. they’re just going to keep getting more gorgeous so keep on the hunt for that brilliant Jewel that catches your eye and especially if its locally made buy it!!  It’s win win.  Locally made and fabulous.  A truly ethical way to shop.  That Jewel will make everyone talk and wonder where you got it because it looks just so darn great on you.  This is the part of fashion that’s a lot of fun for everyone because Jewels almost always fit and you don’t have to take off much clothing to try them on.  Do it sister.  You’ll thank me next time you go to your closet and have something amazing to wear to your special event.

I’ll take one of each please.


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