I’m on TV a REality Show called Our Family Vacation! Season Finale

Our Family Vacation Travel & Escape Network - The Olson Family

Its been forever since I did some shows for MTV, so it was nice to finally make one of my goals happen and get back on the ol television all legit like, instead of just YouTube and the web. A few months ago, Tyler my husband, my kids Judah & Malia and I drove down the coast of Oregon and California in an RV as we shot this fun lil reality show called Our Family Vacations for the Travel & Escape Network. Can you say roadtrip?? I’d like to order another!! wink.

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Its really cool that they showed us skimboarding, skateboarding, dancing in the streets of Portland and just cruising around having the best time ever and living in the moment as a family. There are so many good memories shown in this episode, but I truly wish they could have stretched it to an hour cause the half hour show was like reading a Metro newspaper. Quick news. I barely got to settle into the memory or see what really was going on and then it was onto the next. Especially when there was so much good stuff like the sand storm we got caught in on a sand dune beach in Oregon where the birds couldn’t even fly forward cause they were getting blown so hard and they completely left that out of the show. We had to duck into some cool driftwood forts almost shacks that people built on the beaches for just such sand storm occacions. But.. what they did get was a whole lot of fun! So enjoy. What’s your favourite part? When I’m spouting off on Tyler? When I bail skimboarding? When Judah’s busting some moves on the streets of Portland? Tyler’s Beer LOve? Malia in general? Kinda fun right!?!


It’s pretty awesome that my (Olson Family) episode is the season finale!!

Much love brothas n sistas.

Our Family Vacation Reality Show - The Olson Family Oregon Coast Beach


Here’s some comments from my Facebook Page so you can see what people are saying..

Mishelle Martin: i just watched your tv show!!!! freaking awesome girl! you guys are local celebrities..yay!

Carissa Reed: Mary I love your beautiful family! This is so great. Also you are a TV natural.

Joann Foxx: That was seriously awesome. I love you guys!

Garth Kuch: Thanks Mary Craig Olson,Stephie and I loved it ! Definitely rather vacation with you than the Merenda’s…we love you!

Monica Petrich: That was so much fun to watch!

Tia Buhl: so awesome! loved watching you and your family. GREAT family!

Jamie Lee: You guys were hilarious!

Kari Meyer: Well done you guys! You guys are rocking the camera! It’s so cute to see your family, it’s been a malia-was-still-a-baby long time!! So cool!

Pamela WIse: Great camera presence! You guys are a fun–down to earth family.

Martine Beausoleil: just watched it, Olson’s are awesome. Weird how they match you with the opposite type of family!!

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