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Every season I look for the perfect boot to coordinate with every outfit in my closet. I mean isn’t that what we are looking for? That miracle boot that goes with everything? Well, although that is quite a big undertaking for just one boot we can’t help but want it. So in this ‘How To Find the Perfect Boot’ Video I have a List of wardrobe knowledge to to gather, think about, and then write down so you have a reference point when you go out there to find that perfect boot!

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The List:
What colour?
What length?
Toe shape?
Heel or no heel?

A lot to think about I know. It can be daunting going to the mall and looking at a million boots that could be the ‘one’, and without a list to reference it can be easy to get distracted and lose focus. Take a few mins and look at your closet and follow the ‘list’ in the video and I’m sure it will help you find a great boot. Although I am pretty confident you will need to buy at least two pairs of boots to cover all the looks your wardrobe will demand. I have at least 3 pairs of boots. Well actually I have more than that, but the 3 boots I’m talking about here are for everyday wear. Total kickers that you could do almost anything in because the can take a beating until they die and I need a new pair as in this case. I have a short black pair, a brown medium length pair and a tall black boot. This is a good place in your wardrobe to invest and pay a higher price for good quality leather instead of the man-made leather that’s becoming just as pricey but the jury’s still out on the man-made leather or pu leather as its often referred to online.

I thought about many things as I shopped searching store after store for my perfect new pair of boots. I asked myself what did I already have in my closet and what was it that I need this new desired boot to do in my wardrobe? Well the first request that came to mind is that I needed a pair that I could wear with a dress or skirt for sure because my short boots are less desirable on colder days, because I love to be warm. Who doesn’t right? So I actually brought a dress with me to put in front of the mirror as I sized up each pair of boots. I also wore my standard skinny jeans or rather my black treated faux leather pants that are my staples these days so that I could put them on with each pair of boots and see where they sat on my legs or calf. It made a huge difference because I saw instantly where the boots hit my calf and most often I was able to make a split decision if the boots made the short list or not.

Week after week I went tromping through the malls and stores downtown Vancouver scouting shops for the right boots to fill my list of requirements. I told myself that I wasn’t going to settle until I found the right pair so I was diligent. I knew new styles of boots would keep coming in through the fall winter season so I kept the faith and didn’t open my wallet until the right pair stood out and shouted my name. Once I settled on a pair I even bought them not entirely convinced and brought them home to try on fully willing to bring them back if they didn’t work out. Well I got them and soon fell in love with my tall biker boots after I tried them on with a few different things in my closet.

My style: Eclectic, retro but modern all rolled into one. I got a cool biker boot in the end with buckles and zippers. I LOVE them and even rocked them out today. What do you think? Kind of fun eh? Thanks for coming on my boot shopping mission. Let me know if my video or story helped you think about a few things before you went shopping for a pair of shoes or boots. Its truly a shopping mission.

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Mary & Malia Pretty Blue Dress & My New Boots

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