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Who Like’s feeling the LOVE? Obviously right? We all do. If you’re single and looking for ideas on how to get or be a great date in this episode I explain 7 Great Ways To Get a Good Date. I can turn a casual conversation into a deep philosophical one, a flirt fest to get one of my friends a date as they stand beside me, or a party if that’s the vibe that everyone’s feeling. So this video is all about finding and connecting with the people around you that might be potential dating material or putting yourself out there in smart environments to meet some dating potentials. Now these ideas are geared more to women, but guys these ideas can be easily utilized for you as well. So let’s break it down.

1. Go to places that would have qualified potential boyfriend or girlfriend material there. It sifts out the bottom feeders, you know the guys that don’t care about anything.  These guys that go to craft beer events for instance they like to dress nice generally because they drink craft beer so you know they put a little bit more love into their diet, into what they drink and maybe the best word is ‘craftmanship’ into themselves because they care a little more about what they put into their bodies and their lifestyle trends. This doesn’t apply to every craft beer or spirit drinking man but your chances are better surely!!

Craft Beer Guys

Go to the Apple Store or a Tech Store and look for the hottest guy you are attracted to and go and talk to him. Flirt with him a little as you talk about the latest gadgets. Laugh at his geek jokes and learn something at the same time! This at least gives you flirting practice if nothing else. If you find an opportunity ask him for his number. I got a guys phone number from a Tech store when I was inquiring about gear and Final Cut X and after awhile he said you can just call me directly if you want for more help. We were talking at length about Final Cut X and the Cloud and I mentioned a few times that I could use a tutor or at least I’d like to put him as my Phone A Friend guy when I ran into a question and because I dropped enough hints he picked up on them and offered his number to me.  I wasn’t looking for a date but having someone to call, laugh with when I’m technologically frustrated and get some tech info is great!!

2. Be interesting. Be engaging. You want to be the kind of person that has something clever, cool, intriguing or inspired to say so that you can take on a first date with confidence.  It can be nerve-racking when you can’t think of something to say as you sit beside a new date. Check out websites like Reddit, StumbleUpon or National Geographic so that you have something to talk about instead of just gossip columns or Kim Kardashian BS. Guys usually hate gossip anyways. Go get yourself cultured in something interesting so you have something inspiring and intelligent to talk about. National Geographic can get me talking for days but websites like Reddit or StumbleUpon are websites that guys LOVE and check out on the regular so you know that would be an easy way to a guys heart.

3. Send interested signals. Aka Flirt!! When you are talking to someone you like make sure you don’t totally go inwards and get so nervous that you forget to send out the signals that your interested in him or her. Give them a touch on the arm, hand or face or on the back just really quick. It doesn’t have to be for long at all in fact it shouldn’t be. It breaks barriers so that you touch them, that you get close to them. It makes you touchable, it sends out that signal that you are reachable. That he or she can get through this shield this armour that you are wearing and get to the soft side of you and them. That’s how you connect with a person. You want to break down your armour, but you want to break down theirs too.

do stuff, get active,

4. Have a life. Do stuff. As I said before you obviously want to be interesting, but you want to have a life too. Having a life makes you more interesting, so it really is a win win situation when you get there.  So be active, go workout, go dancing, get into art, start a YouTube channel, start a blog, cook, just do something that makes you richer in your approach to life. You want to be active and engaged in the world so that when you start dating and once you get to that second, third or fourth date you’ve got stuff to do between those dates that gives you that sense of independence on your own. That you’re cool on your own, you’ve got it together. That you interesting on your own. That you’re a well put together person. That there’s many layers to the onion that you are.


5. Be approachable. When you go out you want to be approachable. If you’re with a big group of friends peel off into two’s and three’s instead so that it gives guys or girls a way to flirt or connect with you or offer to buy you a drink or start small talk without having a huge group staring at them and making them nervous. A big group can be so intimidating to approach especially when you are nervous because you think someone’s attractive.

On a side note. When a guy gives you a compliment take that compliment.. take it and say thank you. I see so many girls act like a guy just gave them the plague when they said they were pretty. I wonder to myself  ‘do you want to meet a guy or not?’ He’s not a creep if he thinks you’re pretty. You just turned a nice guy off only to take the next loser because of your bad attitude or more likely your own insecurities. Say thank you and be classy. Be kind. If you don’t like the guy tell him thanks sweetheart but I’ve got my eye on someone else. Simple easy. NO need to be rude.

tell him you are interested with your smile

6. Smile and be confident!! Make that smile happen and show him/her that you are interested. There’s no shame in smiling. Break barriers down with a smile and that’s why I think I connect with people so easily. I don’t have resting bitch face. I have resting lazy smile if anything. It’s easy because I love life and people in general. Really connect with your eyes with that person because it tells them that you want to get to know them better.

flirt with your eyes

7. You’ve got to brave the Flames to get the Prize. Be confident in who you are, rock a smile and own what you say. Maybe sometimes you should just put it out there nad say hey I think your pretty special we should go out and get to know each other. What do you say? Deliver you message and wait for an answer. Don’t say anything until she/he does and see what they say. The power of negotiation. If she/he says no then whatever it was worth a shot and she/he didn’t see the special person that you are so chances are she/he would’t see it 5 years down the road either because they are not a good judge in character. Nice one my dear, you dodged that future bullet. Besides as they say ‘it is better to have loved then to have never loved at all’ right?

How TO Get A Date Stick Figures

Before you go out call a friend and say friend, ‘tell me 3 things about me that you really like’ so that you go into that date or potential dating environment feeling strong and confident. Be you and be strong, but be soft and listen to that person too because its about them too right.  This is the coming together of two people.

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