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Girl Vloggers Mary & Paula talk about pop culture, parenting, kids, girl talk, relationships, editing life, Reality TV, shock value, swear jars, and so much more in this episode of the East West Girls.

Parenting our lovely kids and the ol swear jar. This topic can be so tricky, but if you listen to our girl talk parenting conversation there’s some golden nuggets in there that could give you some ideas on how to deal with the ‘is swearing ok or not conversation’ with your kids.

Editing Life.. Let’s girl talk about it. On TV, YouTube videos and all the different social media platforms it seems like all you see is perfection. This world is not perfect as we all know well and yet perfection is what we all want to showcase to the world and most of the time that’s all we see online. That’s why when people mess up they end up on America’s Funniest Home Videos or it makes the rounds on YouTube. It makes me laugh sometimes because I work in an environment where there are cameras everywhere and sometimes I think to myself how much those people watching behind those cameras must think about what they see. I dress up for work and always look on point but those cameras still roll when I open my fruit cup in the lunchroom and it sprays all over me or when I trip up the stairs even though I look pretty fabulous. That’s the thing. Fabulous doesn’t stop the mayhem from happening we just don’t point cameras at us when we’re doing something lame unless it’s ‘that guy’ that just happened to be filming at that exact second so there’s no need to edit life for now. But we do eventually. This is just one of the many topics we cover on this episode of #EastWestGirls #GirlTalk

Sometimes you just have to let girls talk to get the best talking points out of a conversation and that’s what we do here. Girl Talk is about being free to talk about anything that life hands us especially those things that come up for us everyday like parenting, kids, lifestyle, relationships, love, sex, money, home, friends, the environment, the internet and everything else!

With 4.4 Million followers on Pinterest Paula Coop McCrory is a woman of eclectic taste that people love to follow and Mary Craig Olson has always been a free spirit and a Style Sista so they always have a lot to talk about. They met at a Blogging, Influencer Conference called Roam and after that weekend they knew they were meant to work on a YouTube Creator project together. Two women from opposite sides of the country share a lot of laughs and intelligent gold nuggets its like going for coffee with your bestie girlfriends!!

Pinterest Queen Paula Coop McCrory

Join the conversation and let us know what you would like to hear us chat about next time. We will have many more of these East West Girls videos coming soon so stay tuned and Subscribe to Style Sista TV right now!! Click here to do so!

Mary & Paula

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