How To Curl Your Hair Tutorial: Get Ready With Me

How to curl your hair tutorial. Get ready with me and I’ll show you how. I love a styling wand over a curling iron for curling hair any day. There’s so many techniques you could use, but here are a few of the best for how to curl your hair quickly and easily with no frizz.

Start with a heat shielding spray and let it dry. Then take your hair straightener and start at the top and flatten all that frizz down at the crown of your head. Don’t bother straightening the rest of the length of your hair just the top, because your going to curl the length to the bottom. Next we focus on how to curl your hair. Start curling by taking sections of your hair starting with the hair underneath and then section by section curl your hair layer by layer.

If there’s some curls that don’t work that well, split them up and turn them into two different curls. If you curl your hair one way wrapping your hair forward one day try the next day curling your hair the opposite way. You may get a different more Farrah Faucet look. It can be really cool so get experimental and try it!!

My Favourite Hair Products:
Kevin Murphy – Damage Manager Instant Heat Shielding Spray (Smells sooooo good!) For protection.

REDKEN Hairspray – Super Shaper (but there are a lot of good hair sprays I like.) For Hold.

L’Oreal ROOT COVER UP – Temp Grey Concealer Spray. (So handy!!) For Covering up. The lovely people from L’Oreal gave me this sample to test it and I LOVE it!! Everyone should have one in their kit. You never know when you will need it!

Moroccan Oil – Oil Treatment (Looooove the smell!) For bringing curls back to life after heat styling.

My purple lipstick is by NYX Liquid Suede lipstick. Goes on glossy but then goes matte. Fun pop of lip colour.

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