Freestyle HipHop House Dancing

I was workin super late in the studio and needed a break so a spontaneous fun freestyle dance session to Cris Cab – Liar Liar track was in order! wink. I loved this fresh track so much it moved me even in my studio slippers. So much fun.

It’s interesting that I’ve been freestyle dancing since I was 13 at least, and I only have 2 other tiny videos to show for it in grainy video and one of them you can also watch below, so it was high time. I’ve been filmed many times dancing at shows, concerts and at lots of parties over the years but I’ve never gotten my hands on any footage myself. hint hint friends. Nonetheless we are in the digital age where we can put anything we want on video with a click of a button.

This is what happened when I clicked my camera button this time.

A cool video of me dancing recently at my favourite hot spot Studio East in Vancouver. So lucky to be able to throw down some freestyle dance steps with some of my fave local Van City DJ’s. Come on DJ Czech, Hebegebe, Kit Kat, Neighbor, Vinyl Richie and on and on and on. You couldn’t stop dancing if you tried.. well maybe just me cause i can’t stop if the beats bring the funk, as for you.. you’ll wish your feet weren’t so tired so you could keep dancing til the end of the night!

In grade 5 I went to my first dance at my Elementary School and I was the bullied. Not the bully. The bullied. I was a free-spirit that was just doing my thing and was hated on for it by the popular girls. Nonetheless when I showed up at my first few dances it just came so easily to me. I really started to get my groove. My hips moved to the beat and I was hooked. At 15 years old I was sneaking into clubs to dance the night away. Also at 15, I found my first speaker and danced on top of it for hours as I watched on the sly the Go Go Dancers beside me ripping it up. I learned a lot from girls like that and always took a little of what they did and made it my own and then innovation would strike and I would find my own style. I can freestyle anywhere as long as there’s a funky beat or rhythm in my head but even better coming from a stack of speakers!! Bring it.

This is the second video I have of me dancing and I would love to share it with you. More to come. I’ll be making one or two this year for sure. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it before. So this is the first. From my creative heart or dancing shoes to yours.

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Much love.

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