Fashion Haul 2015- Pretty Grunge, Tomboy Chic, Sequins

This is a huge Fashion Haul for the New Year 2015! Edgy ruffles, sparkly badass baseball caps, hats, jewels and bows. I rock a pretty grunge long dress by Denim & Supply, a bunch of Tomboy Chic looks and my Silence & Noise Sequin Top that doubles as a great party game are the real standouts here, but watch what I throw down at the end to. So grab a coffee and sit back and watch this fun StyleHaul Episode.

Style Haul New Years 2015 Clothing Brands Denim & Supply, Silence & Noise, Celebrity Pink Jeans, Scrapbook Clothing, Forever21, Katsumi Clothing, H&M, Clutch Jewels on Style Sista TV. Think Tomboy Chic, Pretty Grunge and Sequin Technology that will blow your mind a little bit.

Great outfits, fashion styling ideas and wardrobe statement pieces to be on the look out for to add to your wardrobe in 2015. 15 cool pieces shown in this video.
Denim & Supply Red & Black Checkered Dress by Ralph Lauren 1. Striped Sequin Top – Silence & Noise
2. Red & Black Checkered Dress – Denim & Supply by Ralph Lauren
3. Black Hat Wide Brim – Kismet by Bootlegger
4. Black Lace Shrug –
5. Mosaic Dress – Forever21
6. Workout Leggings – Champion
7. Cozy Sweater – Katsumi from Winners
8. Highwaisted Jeans – Celebrity Pink Jeans
9. Sequin Lips Top – H&M
10. Fur Vest – Jean Feldinand
11. Heart Touque or Beenie – Handmade Artisan
12. Denim Jacket Black Sleeves – Lush Clothing
13. Black & White Striped Skirt – Unknown
14. Mesh Bow Headband – Handmade Artisan
15. Jewels by ClutchJewels

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Mosaic Dress by Forever 21

Katsumi Sweater from Winners

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