Fashion Exposed – Ski&Snowboard Festival

Fashion Exposed is my kind of fashion show because it fuses two of my loves = Fashion and Snowboard Culture. Whistler throws this fashion show once a year for the last 8 or 9 years now during the Ski & Snowboard Festival and its always a ton of fun. I even get behind the scenes footage and a short interview with ‘We Are The City and The Zolas’ Vancouver Darling Bands of the moment so be sure to watch it to the end!!

I’ve been working hard at putting together a fresh TV Channel on YouTube called AFashionistaSista Channel hosted by myself with content that I think is quality cool so please stay tuned and become a Subscriber on YouTube.

This year they focused also on putting together an AMAZING art show of local talent from Van City and Whistler so stay tuned for part two of this show which is all about the art.  Some of the coolest Art I’ve seen in ages and even better than some of the high brow art I’ve seen at the last few art shows I’ve been to.


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