Fall Fashion Haul – Band Of Gypsies, Zara, AE, Jewels and Katsumi, Winners

I was Shopping for Fall Fashion Staples and look what I found for my wardrobe in my first Fall Fashion Haul Video..

I used to take comfort when I was a complex teen, shopping at thrift shops on the regular, digging through rack after rack finding pieces that inspired great outfits just so that I could figure out who I was in high school. I guess finding my personal style when i was a teen was the thing that liberated me more than anything at first. Then came more of my self identity when I started developing more of a taste for action sports like skateboarding and snowboarding.. and then I truly got my swag swag from being able to throw down on the dancefloor at a very early age. But through it all I constantly felt a need to find new flavour, try new things and be courageous with my personal style and my personality in general. It helps me relate to this day with people because I have my fashion armour on. We all do really. That’s what clothes are.

I’ve always felt a little odd about doing a Fashion Haul Video but I figure fine, okay I’ll do it my way then. There seems to be quite a consciousness out there for creating style. I get it. For some reason creating style and more pointedly ‘personality through style’ lifts me up. It always has. Now that I’m an established Designer, Stylist, Entreprenuer, Digital Media Producer & Mom, I find my need to keep reinventing myself is still so strong and this Fashion & Beauty digital community out here reflects that need for self expression through “styling”.

In this Fall Fashion Haul video I show some great colours, silhouettes and some fresh brands like Band Of Gypsies and Clutch Jewels, but of course Zara, AE, & Winners as well. I’m especially impressed with this cool brand Katsumi the label that the super cozy white and black bow sweater and pants are from in the video. I found them at Winners. They’ve got a Japanese design feeling, but I couldn’t find any more info about the label so I don’t know where they were from exactly. I’m feeling an 80′s print nostalgia, more Ikat patterns and weaving detailing, black and burgundy, reds and mustards, army green, darker shades of blue and pops of white are on the horizon so far this season. Thats my flavour throwdown to look out for this Fall.

Thanks for subbing, liking, commenting and being rad. For real brothas n sistas.

Thumbs up for Doc Martens making a strong come back!!




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Vintage Disney Designer Cord Fedora- Disney
Vintage Denim Jean Jacket – GWG
Jewels – www.ClutchJewels.com

Labels Shown:

Dress – Band Of Gypsies – Winners
Pants – Katsumi – Winners
Sandals – American Eagle
Black Tee with shoulder detail- Vero Moda – Winners
Awesome Tee – Zara
Bathing Suit – http://DaubandDesign.com
Sweater – Katsumi – Winners
Necklace – http://ClutchJewels.com

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