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Dancing at midnight is one of the best times to rock out so I decided it was time to create a new series for my channel called Midnight Dance Sessions. I dance freestyle hiphop & house, but in truth I can thrown down steps to any kind of music because I’ve been dancing for a long time..

I grew up learning how to dance in the clubs and the after parties armed with a fake ID and then when I got old enough I put in hours upon hours of dancing at raves that sometimes lasted days. I learned how to take great power naps at dance parties despite relentless beats pouring from speakers! wink. Then I went travelling around the world and started hitting the clubs in London, Singapore, Australia, Mexico and India and I got a very cultured view on dancing and working steps to any style of music despite which country I was in. I loved learning how to dance to Bangra beats in India and then figuring out how to Salsa in Mexico. Hot!! Or should I say Caliente!!

In the EDM scene due to all the different genres like House, Break Beats, Drum & Bass, Dub Step, Techno, Dance Hall, Electro and on and on and on the different dialects of electronic dance I figured out how to dance to all of it. Seriously, lay down any record on the turntables and I will figure out some of the coolest ways to dance to it eventually. I hope to illustrate this boast by way of this video series. Maybe I will suck who knows.. but I doubt it. If nothing else I will do this for my kids so they can see and maybe get inspired by my love of dance.

Thanks for watching, liking and best of all subscribing to my channel because now we can hang out more often! I love hangin’ out with good people so leave a comment so we can chat!!

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