Birthday HAUL & Summer OOTD Edgy Pretty 2015

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‘Thumbs up’ and like this blog/video post if you define your personal style as part ‘edgy’ and/or part ‘pretty’ or any other way for that matter.. then this Summer Fashion Haul is for you, because who doesn’t love checking out what other people are wearing? We love to seeing how other people throw down their personal Street Style and that’s why Street Style and YouTube Haul videos for that matter are a ‘thing’. Straight up.

Watch this Summer Fashion Haul video now by clicking here or see below for photos.

In many of my Style Sista videos I often refer to my fashion sense as being a mix of edgy and pretty. I like ruffles for instance a lot.. like a heck of a lot, but at the same time I need to wear that soft ruffle top with a pair of black leather pants to make it edgy, because my style is more ‘edgy’ then ‘pretty’, but a little ‘pretty’ added to my outfit is always welcome. I love a good fashion mix.

Bohemian Billabong Dress

I like to be feminine, but not overly unless the event calls for me to be for example a red carpet event, (I’ve been to more than a few) a big office party, a special dinner, date night or a cocktail party. On a daily work and event basis I like to dress 70% edgy and 30% pretty with a sequin, a peek a boo shoulder or something charming like a bow. I love bows though. I admit it. I love a good bow!! Not so much these days, but I’m always open to a bow put in a clever spot somewhere. The tomboy in me rebels against the girlie-ness of a bow, but the bow wins from time to time. tee hee.

If I’m too girlie though, I don’t feel like me. It’s the Tomboy in me that doesn’t let that girlie girl out very often, but when it does I like to pair it with a wicked leather jacket as well to make me feel like me. Edgy Pretty. ‘Edgy’ first, because that’s the main style esthectic I dig, a little ‘sexy’ because who doesn’t want to look a little sexy? And ‘pretty’ because there is a love for beauty in soft cuts of clothing says the fashion designer in me. I love feminine shapes and innovative draping, but with a well constructed pair of pants or jacket to pair with those softer fabric cuts.

Street Style, Rock Chic, Rocker Style

So there you have it. My take on my style as of today. My OOTD or Outfit Of The Day wait here’s the new one I just learned. (Ha ha I’m slow on keeping up with the Joneses I guess) OOTN or Outfit Of The Night. What I wore to my birthday party this summer?

What are 2 or more words that describe your personal style?

My favourite words to describe my fashion sense are:
Rock Chic
Hip Hop
Skate Style
Neon some days.

My friend does neon Wednesdays and always rocks something neon that day and I love that. I think that’s a fun way to dress. Why not? I love changing up my look, so I’m very experimental, but I also know what makes me feel good so when you’re feeling like you want to try something new do so but find a way to do it but in a way that feels like you.

Have fun keeping it fresh this summer brothas and sistas!

Much love.
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