Best & Worst Dressed Oscars 2014 STYLE WARS Ep7 – Funny GIRLS!

The Best & Worst Dressed from the Oscars 2014 Red Carpet Episode 7 Hosted by sisters Mary & Sarah This year Striking Blue, Black, Nude, Pastels and White Gowns ruled the Oscar’s Red Carpet. #Oscars #RedCarpet

Mary’s Best Dressed:
Cate Blanchett
Jessica Biel
Bette Midler

Sarah’s Best Dressed:
Cate Blanchett
Sandra Bullock
Charlize Theron

Mary’s Worst Dressed:
Kristin Chenoweth
Kristin Bell (I love her though!)
Penelope Cruz

Sarah’s Worst Dressed:
Anna Kendrick
Anne Hathaway
Portia De Rossi

Sarah & I are not haters by any means we’re just having a little fun. Style Wars is more about commenting on Style and having a Fashionable conversation because why not? Everyone does it naturally when we look at almost anything. We assess and see it its right for us. Ahhh fashion.. its just a fun part of humanity. Style is so much fun because you can have a stylist dress you or you can cultivate your own fashion vibe but no matter what its fun to wear it all. I prefer the later but I don’t hate on anyone that needs a little help from stylists because I do that very job and realize it doens’t come naturally to everyone even though it seems innate in my eyes. I love that part of my job as a fashion stylist to be a fashion tour guide and style enabler. Check out more of what my style sense is all about on my blog

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