Best Hair Trends for Women 2016!!

Best Hair Dye Trends 2016

BEST HAIR TRENDS for Women Of 2016!

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long layered hair streaks long fringe

 I dare you to find a better list than this for the Best  Hair Trends of 2016 because this one is seriously on  point. Every picture will inspire a new hair style in  some way so be sure to look to the bottom of this  list  in order to let the inspiration flow. Your best hair  ever is a dream away so dream on sister and look to  the bottom of this blog!

 Look at this photo. There are so many cool things  going on here. This is easily one of my favourite  hairstyles of this collection. I love the rock chic feel,  the full on power bangs and all the rich shades of  brown, and caramel chunks. Absolutely gorgeous  layers are cut into her hair and the highlights are  stunning. There’s so much to play with here!

 The bangs below (or fringe as the English say) on this short bob look fantastic with the soft pop of orange lining the bottom. I want to try this hot painted hair dye technique one day! It’s very innovative with it’s kiss of colour. I’d love to see this done in fuchsia, but with a kiss of orange, but just a kiss!

Hair Trends Bangs Fringe

Coloured Grey Hair Colored Trend


The grey and silvery blonde tones continue to make the hipsters happy and make the old folks scratch their heads. The washed out aesthetic of this hair colour plays into the normcore trend and is worn with camel, denim, white, black, navy and grey tones.  Soft.

pastel dip dyed-hair

 The pretty soft pastel dyes are an eye magnet, but  they do tend to wash out easier than brights. It  does take lots of maintenance, but it’s so worth it  and it can be ridiculously pretty to play with and  stare at all day! It’s like your a real live fairy tale  character. Like ‘can’t stop playing with your hair,  because it looks like mermaid magic hair’  situation. Ya that’s right. I said ‘mermaid magic’   but with this hair it is just that.

 The dip dye look or hand painted aesthetic  requires a bit of good luck, but if your hair dresser  has a good eye she will be able to pull off  something beautiful.

The Galaxy Hair Trend is a really powerful look that is not for the faint of heart. If done badly it can look patchy and immature, but if done right it can look sensational. How can you fault the gorgeous tones of colour in this french braid style below. Absolutely beautiful.



The Galaxy Hair Trend is an eclectic hand painted style that can work with many combinations of colours, but think harmony. Think using parts of the rainbow to work on harmony. Not too many colours though ok? Rule of 3 or 4 at the most. You must remember that these colours will blend a little as they wash out so try to use only colours that will blend nicely.  Colour combinations that work best:

  • purple, blue, green
  • yellow, orange, red, pink
  • black, blonde, fuschia, purple, yellow
  • blue, purple, grey, black
  • pastel shades

Pastel Galaxy Hair Dye Trend

 (Photo above: Instagram/HairByMissKellyO)

Galaxy Hair Dye Trend


Dyed Short Hair Styles looks great in the pastels, brights and blondes with some fades or shaved areas on the side to give it some edge. Rock the shaved part dark for edge  and soften up the look with pastel pink on top for a more  feminine meets  rock chic.

cool fringe bangs

 Go with soft and curly, flowy bangs, super edgy  extreme straight or serious angle cuts, but add a  little colour for fun.  Short hair cuts have never  been sexier so if you’ve ever dreamed of cutting  your hair short, now is the best time to do it.

 If you’ve wanted long bangs so you have some  hair to play with in the front that might be the  best hair decision you’ve ever made. Bangs frame  your face and can take years off your face by  covering your forehead. They give you a little  mystery cloak and dagger style as well. Alluring.


Short Hairstyles With Long Bangs Short Hair Long Fringe Short Hairstyles With Long Bangs Short Hairstyles With Long Bangs

bright green hair

Florescent green hair whaaat?? So cool. Perfect colour for the summer. You can barely take your eyes off it its so pretty to look at.  I’ll be tackling the florescent colour realm soon. I have to try it at least. I love florescent pink but maybe even this green colour! So pretty!

geometric undercut short blue hair

When cutting your hair short try shaving one of the sides or both and see what happens when soft and feminine meet edgy rock and roll chic. Sometimes this kind of a hair cut will deliver and make you stand out and be noticed so you get your dream job or at least open a possible career changing door as they say.  Sometimes you’ve just got to have confidence and make a splash and a cool hair style like this will do the trick.

short dyed pastel hair      short hair trend fade pastel coloured hair

cool black girl hair

I love curly long bangs!! This look above is badass. Edgy chic with the undercut and shaved sides, but the long blonde curly bangs really soften this whole look and give her more of a romantic feeling. This look is always fashion forward. If you want to look like the coolest girl in the room you’ve got to try this hair style out. You will always look interesting and beautiful.

Undercuts are the coolest. Go for it! I dare you. Try shaving a few lines in the back or sides of your hair and have what’s called a hair tattoo. Hair tattoos are getting more and more innovative so stay tuned, because I’m going to do a whole blog about them and the power or art work in hair and where that’s going which is off the hook creative!!

short blonde shave undercut with long bangs

short hair style trends 2016

short hair style trend undercut ombre drop root


Edge up a typically pretty outfit with s side french braid for a fresh look and a little texture. It gets at least a little of your hair out of the way for the evening and looks romantic and visually interesting all at the same time. Tres beau!!


side hair braid galaxy hair trend

This 3 colour ombre hair style below is such a gorgeous colour palette that it wins for best colour palette of the year.  Again this hair colour will wash out and blend a little so maintenance is vital, but if you can DIY your own hair then to maintain this it won’t be impossible it’ll just take time, but seriously its soooo worth it right?

purple, navy blue, teal ombre coloured hair

ombre red blonde hair

The hair colour blends in these photos are amazing!! I mean really seriously gorgeous hair color. If you can do hair colour like this do it and be the envy of all.

ombre blue and purple hair dye
Ombre Blue, Purple, Red Hair
dip dyed blue ombre rocker hair

I’m in love with this soft coral pink colour. It is my favourite of the season for sure. I want this colour for myself. If I was only planning on one colour this would be it for now..



The navy blue hair below is ridiculously cool. My friend dyed her hair this colour and came into work for me one day and my jaw dropped. This colour is one of the most beautiful and surprising colours to dye your hair. I can’t say it enough. Go for it. The only thing is you have to commit to it for awhile kind of like red because it likes to stick to the hair so it’s not easy to get out but why would you want to get it out?

Navy Blue Color Hair

coco rocha model hair

Thanks Coco Rocha. You’re such a fashion forward trendsetter I just had to include you in this hair mix. You’re long bangs and nut brown hair are classically beautiful, but with a little edge.  This is how you do dark brown.

As for the photo below this is how you do ombre sideways. Her hand painted blend of pink to purple is so amazing. It’s like my little pony hair. Perfect Rainbow Dash my little pony hair.. am I right? We wish our hair dressers were this good. Hopefully she/he can do this dye job for you cause it’s the future.

ombre hair dye blend purple hair

This purple, turquoise, blue blend is on fleek!! Like wow.

turquoise and purple hair dye

dyed coloured chunk long fringe hair style

What a charming little turquoise chunk this cool sista has in her bangs. What a fun way to add a soft pop of colour without taking on your whole head of hair. It’s innovative and super playful so go ahead try this if nothing else. A think chunk of your favourite hair colour, but do it purposefully and make it look good not like you’re 16 and wanting to do something cool with your hair. Do punk colours and make them look classy cool.

dip dyed hair ombre black white

Grab yourself a wig and try out a new look like in this black and white blonde hair photo above. This wig is hot and visually gorgeous. Take a chance without the chance of loosing your job for doing something crazy with your hair. You will also take on an air of mystery for the night which is always fun to do.

Dyed Colour Blend Ombre Hair

Check out the roots on these girls. They have what’s called glitter roots!! Glitter roots are a whole new trend making waves in the hair world. You can use these new hair accessories to add Hair Charmsies to your hair do and rock it out for the night with some effervescence sparkle that just iron on to your hair. Cool and sooo much fun!!

Trending Hair Accessory Charmsies Hair Trend

glitter roots trend ombre colored hair

Soft pastel shades of hair dye continue to rock the runways and streets. Soft romantic and so feminine. Curly pastels hit a gorgeous note so give that a try if you want to try a show stopping look. Pastels look good on almost everyone but they wash out super quick so you are going to have to do the upkeep to keep it looking fresh more often then not. Some hairdressers will give you coloured hair dye mixed with conditioner for yoru regular upkeep and that will really help to maintain these gorgeous soft colours so ask your hair stylist about making you a bottle. Many do it!!

pastel Hair-trends-2016

Best Hair Trends Dye

Party Hair

If you’re too scared to try any of the all over hair dye styles in this blog then try a little dip dye and see what can happen with just a little colour on the bottom half of your hair. You can always play with hair chalk and see where that takes you if dye is too intimidating for you. Hair chalk is how I started experimenting with blending colours together. It might start a hair colour addiction. That’s what it did to me. A little hair colour is not enough anymore. I love adding another colour every time I re-dye my hair and see what happens. Right now, I’m rocking a bright red fuchsia colour and although it wasn’t what I was going for at first now I’ve been loving that beautiful hair colour because it pops in every outfit. So much to try, so little time, but remember it always grows back so try it! Try it! TRY IT!

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I would love to add any links to peoples blogs from some of these photos so if one is yours please let me know and I will put your link up. It would be a pleasure to work with you. I was just looking for the best hair trends I could find online to show some of my girlfriends what they could do with their hair. Thank you!!


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