Beatboxing Kid & Mom Sing: Soul To Soul Back To Life Cover

My 8 year old son Judah beatboxes while I sing a classic late 80′s Back To Life Cover. My son Judah and I jam in the car, on walks, or at home on his guitar, but lately he got into Beatboxing (thank you YouTube!!) and this is what happened.

We don’t plan songs we just jam out when we do stuff and all of a sudden we hear something we love because we’ve created it together and it sounds rad. I guess we’re like a Partridge Family (ha ha) in a sense because my 5 year old daughter jams with us usually too.

You should hear our Macklemore Thrift Shop Cover. Maybe we should put that one on video too. Hmmm. Do you have a song suggestion we should do a cover of? Leave a comment and let us know.

Thanks for watching. Its a pleasure to hang out with you.
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Much love.
Mary & Judah-bug

Soul II Soul – Back TO Life.

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