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Dance along with me as I take you around some of the hot spots of Bass Coast easily one of my fave Electronic Music Festivals as of this summer. Nestled in the stunning Squamish Valley, British Columbia near Whistler. Talk about gorgeous and there’s tons of beach frontage because of the Glacier River. Although there is many festivals to choose from, I am finding more and more that I like the medium size festivals just that little bit more than the huge ones because they have a sense of unity to them and they’re that little bit more intimate, so making friends becomes easy because you eventually start seeing some of the same faces. I still didn’t see some of my friends I knew were up there until the last day so its still big enough to make it feel like a real ‘happenin’.

Bass Coast Main Stage Electronic Music Festival

How gorgeous was it to dance and party beside such a stunning background that the Glacier River provided. It was ridiculously fun and I highly recommend it to anyone. This would be a great festival for you to fly in for if you’re from out of town because its out in the middle of the woods which BC does so well. You will get a very good sense of how gorgeous this part of the planet is and you’ll meet some really cool down to earth people as well.

Bass Coast Electronic Music Festival Mary & Stephi Dancing

The one thing I would recommend for next time (BassCoast Producers) please pick some better DJ’s for the main stage on the Saturday Night around midnight or so because everyone came to dance and the music never quite went there. I couldn’t keep my weary legs moving to music that was half rate and I’m pretty much a dancing queen and if the music’s good I will bounce for hours regardless of how tired I am. Music needs to have fever in (fun lyrics or a cool instrument sample) to keep people dancing that have been partying for that many days already on dusty ground. I have to ask you Mr. DJ whom are you playing for? You? Because if you were playing for the crowd you would see what makes people dance and I’m talking about cool dancing not drug induced swaying. Play for the party girls so if that means spinning a vocal track or a funky drum beat every now and then I prescribe you do so. I find some DJ’s play pretentious music that they think is cool but doesn’t really take anyone on a journey and most certainly doesn’t bring people up. I’ve been rocking out on dancefloors since I was 15 so music’s gotta be fresh or I’m out these days. I’m not being pretentious myself, I paid to come to the party to dance and leave my troubles behind just like everyone else that came to the party so let us DANCE!! PartyROCK!!

24 hr Diner on the Beach Stage Bass Coast Electronic Music Festival

Stoked BassCoast!! What a party! I enjoyed myself so much that my crew (EastSide Wrecking Crew aka EWC) that normally works the festival circuit are going to be dropping work to come to your party next year so.. we shall meet you next year on the dance floor at Bass Coast!


Retro Funk Stage Bass Coast Electronic Music Festival

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