Autumn Shift Festival Vancouver Main Street 2014 Style Sista TV

Click Like if you love festivals and block parties! Obviously right? wink. Well this video’s a close up look at Vancouver’s urban community Autumn Shift Festival on Main Street in one of this city’s beloved areas called Mount Pleasant. What a party! They blocked off a few roads and there was only room for the festival packed with everything from musicians, artisans, vendors, skateboarding, bicycles, ballerinas, pony rides, classic cars, DJ’s spinning records, tap dancers, parkour acrobats, art displays, an acting troupe and a six local restaurant sausage barbeque cook off!! I mean this festival had it all. It was quite impressive how they pulled it all off because there were so many moving parts but they did and it was a ton of FUN!!

All I did was walk around and check out all the cool stages of musicians and dj’s, watch the dancers and all the talented people in the Main Street Community and how the represented themselves at this event. There was so much packed into this expansive event that I walked for hours and saw so much that I could barely put my cameras down!! Vancouver is lucky to have such a great Society working for them like the Mount Pleasant Business Improvement Society because this event was a smash hit!! Be sure to come next year if your near the neighborhood because the entertainment, local foodie eats, and great shopping will be plenty.


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