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Travel AdaptorThis Travel Adaptor is the ideal electrical accessory so you can plug in your laptop, hair appliances and phone charger wherever you go! -->> For use abroad only. DO NOT attempt to use this Travel Adaptor in the UK > Use only 3-square pin plugs conforming to British Standard BS5733 or 5 amp, 2 pin British shaver plugs > Use only with electrical products operating on 110-250V (max 6 amps) > DO NOT USE WITH EARTHED ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS > The Trans-World Adaptor does not convert voltage. Therefore ensure that the voltage of your electrical products are compatible with the voltage of the foreign sockets before use. If in doubt, seek local expert advice > Always plug your electrical product into the Travel Adaptor before inserting into the sockets outlet> High quality design-->For our full range of Travel Accessoriesvisit SportsDirectProduct code: 966292

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