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A quick Lookbook video of 50 of my latest Street Style looks. You can tell my style roots are very Indie West Coast, Glamorous but Chill, Sexy but not Overt. Layered and thoughtful styling with Clutch Jewels accents on every look. StyleSista.ca This is in response to viewer requests for more outfit photos showing my style instead of everyone else’s, so here’s a cool little compilation of my outfits. http://StyleSista.ca I go from indie casual to dressy and back again so at least that gives you some vibes on how I throw together an outfit.

I always got frustrated by the ‘Working Fashion Stylists and Costume Designers’ that i knew that dressed in plain black and most often ill fitting clothing, yet were working great jobs in the Film and Fashion Industries! It made me swear to myself that I would always rock a cool outfit and ‘walk the talk’ as a Fashion Stylist and Style Personality. My cool may not be everyone’s cool but isn’t that the point? That these slices of photograhs and videos that we put into the digital ether are points of view and a way to secretly people watch? That’s why your here. That’s why Fashion and Style Blogs exist. Thanks for checking my videos out. Please subscribe to my channel so we can be besties forever! wink.

Much love.


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