30 Day Fashionista July-Dec2010

Another fabulous episode of the 30 Day Fashionista from July to Dec 2010. As silly as it seems its actually a lot of work to take photos of every cool outfit I put together everyday, so I do the ones I can, and try to find satisfaction in that.

As I got more and more pregnant I tried my best to keep my fashion mojo so I could prove to all those pregnant mama’s out there that it could be done. I wasn’t going to lose my cool, so I didn’t.

My fav fashion items this season are my Rocketdog Boots and all my footwear actually, like my purple gladiators.  All my fresh hats especially my black Bowler Hat that I’ve been rocking all winter. My vintage 80′s black crop jacket with mesh detail. All my miniskirts, bright tights and leggings, my casual dress collection especially the animal print ones, all my sparkling Clutch Jewels and my new bow hair accessory. What fun fashion can be!

I’m getting ready to have my second kid any day now so we’ll see you in 2011 when I get my old shape back and rock some fab new looks. Big love, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Be Fabulous in 2011!!

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