30 Day Fashionista (Jan-Mar 2009)

This is my first attempt at this fun & fabulous fashion experiment that i call the 30 Day Fashionista!  I’ve photographed 30 days worth of rockin’ outfits to give a sense of what my daily personal style is and to document what it is to be a true fashionista sista while constantly keepin things fashionably fresh and ‘livin the talk’.

This is just 3 months worth of pics, so know this.. already my style has evolved yet again and its on for the summer installment of the 30 Day Fashionista so stay tuned!!!

Live a little and be Fabulous everyday.  You don’t have to wear labels to have a slammin outfit, you simply have to put a bit of time into composing some solid outfits that you can count on (fit is essential!) using some of your best character pieces and wear them!!  Don’t be lazy.  You put clothes on everyday anyways you may as well have fun with it.  

I’m a mom to a 2 year old and I fell into a teeny rut, but I climbed back out onto the Fabulous scene with a bit of effort and let me tell you, its so much more fun to be Fabulous!  Heck I’ve never said the word Fabulous so much as I have this year.  I’m happy to be one with Fab even if its my own version of what Fabulous is.  I’m making Fabulous everyday just because its so much fun.

Be Fabulous!  Wear Clutch Jewels!

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