30 Day Fashionista – Jan 2010

The 3rd installment of the 30 Day Fashionista is finally here!!

The 30 Day Fashionista project is my lil’ fashion experiment and social commentary on Style.  I love the essence of Style because that to me is one of the things that makes humans so fascinating.  For instance I don’t laugh when I see someone in a crazy outfit walking down the street.  I mean… if its deserving, ya sure, a quiet giggle can slip out, but I would rather an expression shown through personal style rather than blah.  I love colourful personalities of all sorts.  Its the spice of life if you ask me. You may not be askin, but I’m telling honey… ; )

As far as this project goes, its pretty cool watching how my style transitions from month to month and to see how many times I can remix old clothes with new and still keep it all fresh.  Lets face it anyone that’s seen the movie Clueless and recalls the scene where Cher is looking at her “computer closet” where the outfits mix and match themselves has always wanted that for themselves.  I’m a daily fabulista and I still need a reminder once in awhile on how I threw together an outfit previously cause I always seem to mix it up different.  It can be hard to keep track but in essence that’s the beauty of fashion in that its ever evolving constantly reinventing and moving forward.  Grabbing from the past for sure but always marching on.

There are many new fav pieces in the mix this time… My newest fav is my Vintage ‘of the moment’ checkered puff sleeve button up shirt designed by Cheryl Tiegs. Um ya Cheryl Tiegs was a model and Charlie’s Angel!!!  So cool.  I love this shirt and found it on a Vintage shop recently.  I surely scored that day.  At least 3 items of clothes I got that day are in the mix here.

Just a few fab ideas for remixing your wardrobe.  I do things my way but my way is in its own right pretty fabulous in a down to earth casual glam kind of way.  Maybe not High End Designer Fabulous but I rock to my own fab.  Check out my New Years Dress at the end to see what I’m talking about.  Fun!

Its a fashion throw down Mary Style..

Big love in the New Year!!

Be Fabulous! Wear Clutch Jewels!

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