10 Things That Should Be REcyclable or Biodegradable.

10 Things That Should Be Recyclable or Biodegradable. These are really simple everyday things that just kept piling up in my house, and I kept asking myself why aren’t these Biodegradable or at the very least Recyclable? Why isn’t sustainability a top priority for law makers so that they can create laws that protect our planet and force irresponsible manufacturers to change their manufacturing practices and product lines to be green from the design stage, manufacturing stage to the end of their ‘use cycle’. We are way too educated these days for it not to be law that everything that is made, created, manufactured should have to have an exit strategy to go back into the earth safely or to be utilized or recycled in some other way after its ‘use cycle’ has ended. And if that item can’t be made without harming the environment in some way it should be law that it can not be made any more. Straight up.

Anything made out of plastic these days should have an expiry date, meaning that it should be law for that item to be able to decompose after a certain amount of time or at least be able to be recycled into something new and updated!! The thing makes me crazy as a consumer is that there’s a ton of plastic out there that has ‘one use’ and there is no way to dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way.

Let’s talk about some of the things you think should be recycled or biodegradable that isn’t? Please leave a comment and give me your list or suggestions. I love raising awareness for these issues as an end consumer because they have to be addressed. We are way to intelligent and environmentally aware for these unsustainable items to be manufactured any longer. I have another list of things that I will post in my next Eco Fashionista video so please stay tuned. In the meantime share this video around so we can force awareness of these environmentally unfriendly items and force manufactures to do the right thing for their/our planet! Its time to take a stand and ‘make going green law.’

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