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Top 6 Beauty Products for Lazy but Fab Girls: Do you want to look gorgeous without much effort here are my
Birthday HAUL & Summer OOTD Edgy Pretty 2015: 'Thumbs up' if you define your personal style as part 'edgy' and/or
Top 10 Fashion Tips Style Ideas – Style Sista TV: Top 10 Fashion Tips for women that need the basics and those

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Street Style Seven Episode11 – Rocker, Hipster, Hip Hop, Glam: Hipsters, Rockers, Hip Hop Heads, a Glamourous Actress, and just some fabulous
Street Style Seven Episode 10 – Sci-fi, Victorian, 80′s, 90′s, Men & Women’s Fashion: We've got 7 cool people wearing some really diverse outfits for you

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New Year Career Change Vlog Motivation Are you wanting change in your career life? Or a second income but can't think of what to do that wouldn't suck the soul out of you? Last year
Orange Is The New Black: Pre Release Media Review Season 3 of #OrangeIsTheNewBlack kicks off with a lot of laughs from the the whole gang of usual suspects within minutes of the opening scenes. The clever jokes
10 Things That Should Be REcyclable or Biodegradable. 10 Things That Should Be Recyclable or Biodegradable. These are really simple everyday things that just kept piling up in my house, and I kept asking myself why aren't

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Hipsters, Rockers, Hip Hop Heads, a Glamourous Actress, and
The Best & Worst Dresses on the Oscar's 2015
This is a huge Fashion Haul for the New